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BLOGS::Bevely Hills Real Estate blog for Friday 8-08-08

The Beverly Hills Real Estate blog.

"Let the games begin..." 8-08-08 The Olympics from China.  Hot and humid again today - It could be worse.  Seen those pictures of Beijing and the smog

 BEIJING - Once-reclusive China commandeered the world stage Friday, celebrating its first-time role as Olympic host with a stunning display of pageantry and pyrotechnics to open a Summer Games unrivaled for its mix of problems and promise.

 Now ascendent as a global power, China welcomed scores of world leaders to an opening ceremony watched by 91,000 people at the eye-catching National Stadium and a potential audience of 4 billion worldwide. It was depicted as the largest, costliest extravaganza in Olympic history, bookended by barrages of some 30,000 fireworks.

 To the beat of sparkling explosions, the crowd counted down the final seconds before the show began. A sea of drummers - 2,008 in all - pounded out rhythms with their hands, then acrobats on wires gently wafted down into the stadium as rockets shot up into the night sky from its rim.

 President Bush and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin were among the glittering roster of notables who watched China make this bold declaration that it had arrived. Bush, rebuked by China after he raised human-rights concerns this week, is the first U.S. president to attend an Olympics on foreign soil.

 Is it just me  The vibe I've gotten from all I've read or seen about the games is the horrific smog problem.  Believe me, born and raised here in LA, I know a little about smog.  I have no desire to visit Beijing.  I love LA smog (which is much better now) or not.  The images of Beijing just freaked me out...


        U.S. stock futures point to a higher opening on Wall Street, recovering after the previous session's sharp drop as softer oil further eases inflation concerns.

       Nationally pending home sales unexpectedly rose yesterday.

       Tomorrow we'll have the open house guide for you.

Have a great day!  See you tomorrow.   www.patandmelody.com

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